Ever wondered what it would be like to see stormtroopers in a film like Saving Private Ryan? This is a close as we can get. Odyssey is a WAR film set in the Star Wars universe. Our goal for this project is to show you the gritty and intense struggle that rebel squads faced in the years before the death star.

The story follows a young rebel named Quinn on his first mission with Odyssey Squadron. When Quinn makes a decision to ignore his orders of not intervening in civilian affairs, the situation goes from bad to worse. The small six man reconnaissance squad must fight for their lives and beliefs as both are threatened in an all out battle with Imperial Forces.

The Star Wars saga has inspired generations of young filmmakers. Our team was no exception. The purpose for this project is to give back to a saga and community of fans that have inspired us to keep creating. We always wondered what a war film would look like in the Star Wars universe. We answered the question by deciding that we would make a short film to show just what we thought it would be like.

— but if you’re too respectful that you don’t do anything new or take a risk, then what are you bringing to the table?
— Gareth Edwards - Rogue One Director

These films are based on many principle themes and elements. Our challenge is to merge those classic Star Wars elements with a new and unique take on the classic war genre. We all love the movies because it’s what we grew up with, but it’s our responsibility to show you something new and a view from a different perspective.

This short film will showcase the conflicts and struggles that are universal to any war story. It is a matter of what you want to fight for, and what you are willing to risk for the cause. Instead of rebel soldiers being dispensable characters on the screen, we want you to care when these men and women are at risk. We want to show you the humanity and fear in the fight against the empire. This film will be a Star Wars story like no other.